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Patent Illustration and Graphic Design Services
  We  bring added value to your client's intellectual property through high quality, cost effective patent illustrations with a 100% guarantee of meeting strict time sensitive deadlines. High quality, well executed patent drawings reflect the first impression of your patent, considering they are what you first see in any formal issued patent.

With over 25 years experience in patent illustration and a wide range of technical expertise, we can create strong illustrative depictions of innovative ideas and capture key element(s) to support your patent specification and claims. Let us help you make your job more efficient and effective with precise and technically representative illustrations.

We guarantee our patent drawings comply with all USPTO rules, as well as meeting extensive rules of foreign countries such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the European Patent Organization (EPO), Japan Patent Office (JPO), Korean Intellectual Property Office ( KIPO), and many other patent offices throughout the world.

With a wide range of experience in utility and design patents that encompass a multitude of product categories, our illustrators will achieve your requests through high quality, cost effective patent drawings. Ultimately we want to work with you to protect you or your client's valuable intellectual property.
  Good Design Supports Good Business and Better Revenue. Here at  IsometricDesign we have learned that our clients discover that,  investing in creative design for their marketing, advertising, and  branding materials results in measurable returns on their investment. We want to work with you at finding creative solutions for your  marketing and advertising objectives. Simple, well executed designs  cut through the clutter and drive response. IsometricDesign wants to partner with you to fulfill all of your businesses' creative and marketing needs from the initial strategic planning to the execution of your design project.

IsometricDesign has developed logo branding and marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes. And, while our roots remain firmly planted in creating dynamic, eye-catching graphic design, we are also well versed in generating trackable response and creating brand awareness.